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Hi I’m Samantha. The summer of 2019 I started training for a marathon. I knew it would be hard, but I was determined. In the back of my mind, this was THE thing that would make me happy. I know, running will make me happy. Then I injured my hip. Recovered. Then I injured my foot, still not recovered. That started me down a path of trying to figure out my life. I can’t find the thing that will make me happy. I just need to be happy. I decided that this was the final straw. I was tired of being depressed and anxious. Throughout my childhood and into my twenties, my struggle to survive with OCD had me grappling with one “healthy from the outside” addiction after another. Thankfully, after much trial and error, the OCD was controlled with therapy and medication, but I continued to struggle with depression and anxiety. There had to be more. This was not what life is about. I had everything going for me: a beautiful family, supportive husband, successful and happy children, a great job. I was empty inside. I was determined to redefine my life. I began seeing a life coach. I had checkups and started an updated regiment of meds. I started journaling and bible study. I looked at my exercise schedule on a whole body level instead of a beat myself up and burn the most calories level. No more starving myself and fad diets. I wanted a new way of eating that nourished my soul. I wanted to rewire my brain with positive thoughts and relinquish the negative ones. This blog is a chronological history of my struggle, my ups, my downs and the current revelation that life is worth living! I hope you find it useful and you to can realize that your life is meant to be celebrated and not just survived.

Some fast facts:

  • Just turned 49
  • Married the most awesome man in the world 28 years ago
  • Work full time as an executive assistant
  • Have three kids. My daughters are 23 and 21 and my son is 16.
  • Have two dogs. 🙂 Pray for me-I don’t like dogs, but my family does. I know, I’m so nice.
  • Really love my Roomba (it’s a sickness-I realized that when I was vacuuming while the Roomba was running-yikes)
  • We live in the suburbs far north of Chicago.
  • Love interior design, working out and yoga
  • My diet eating plan consists of a mash up of whole 30/paleo/whatever
  • God is the only true King.

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